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Custom ERP system
for CE Brokers

A web-based ERP system made to replace the existing in-house solution developed in MS Access. Due to a large growth of the company and the limitations of MS Access their current system became a productivity bottleneck. During the design phase multiple additional features and processes were requested and designed - including but not limited to - a route planner, a time tracking module, a file sharing solution for the clients’ partners and a robust access control system able to handle the clients’ constantly changing and growing company structure. The system grew from a simple 6 month CRUD application into an ERP system responsible for every part of the business, which currently took over 5 man-years to create.


  • Obsolete IT management system based on MS Access with serious performance issues due to exponential sales reps’ network and sales growth
  • Limited ability to add custom features to the existing system due to limitations of MS Access
  • Lack of control under documents flow and sales rep department
  • Problems with gathering and analyzing data about customers
  • Solutions:

  • A dedicated web-based ERP system
  • Modular and extensible architecture able to handle a rapidly growing number of features and business processes
  • Responsive design with a simplified interface for features used primarily by employees without consistent access to computers.
  • Configuring and maintaining proper cloud environment for deployed system
  • Functionalities:

  • CRM module
  • Route planning for sales rep department
  • Document workflow system
  • Granular access levels and privileges able to properly handle the customers’ multi-tiered company structure.
  • Invoice management
  • Payment tracking
  • Customizable filters
  • File-sharing module
  • Easy horizontal scalability
  • Time tracking module
  • Customizable reports and exports
  • Distributed vending machines management system
    for Mate-T


  • designing and creating system for vending machines management
  • system has to include direct machines-hub connection, provide a way to update machines database via Internet and to notify user about machine status in real time
  • solutions

  • providing an API as a central point of the system with a database
  • administrative panel as a Single Page Application
  • functionalities

  • managing available vending machine products, machines, their localisation and company employees
  • permissions module in a form of Access Control List
  • generating sales report created from data collected by vending machines
  • media library for machines allowing client to serve ads for his customers
  • University Licencing System
    for PWSZ Legnica

    "A solution which handles license management and deployment of applications across the university. Built to solve the problem of quickly moving software licenses and applications between hundreds of machines located all around the campus. An ‘agent’ application - installed on every machine controlled by the solution - is responsible for orchestrating software downloads/removals requested by the server. A web interface allows administrators to gather the machines into easily manageable groups, bundle multiple applications into packages, and view the state of every machine and its’ applications in real time thanks to SignalR WebSocket connections. A virtual machine management solution (based on VirtualBox) is currently being implemented - instead of provisioning single applications, this module will be responsible for the delivery of virtualized operating systems to remote endpoints. The images will be delivered through a cross-platform application based on Electron and node.js. For thin-client workflows a bare-metal version is also being developed, contained within a stripped down Ubuntu Linux with a modified OS installer and startup environment which locks down everything except for the Hexis Virtualization Agent.


  • Limited amount of expensive software licenses.
  • Applications need to be frequently moved between machines, often at the very last moment.
  • Computers need to be frequently re-imaged.
  • Solutions:

  • Allow administrators to manage the machines remotely.
  • Create an easy way of moving applications between machines.
  • Build a reliable and robust communication system which instantly reacts to commands.
  • Cache frequently used applications on remote machines, to reduce download times.
  • Create a license management interface, which limits the amount of concurrently running applications and warns users when the amount of assigned licenses is getting close to the limit.
  • Develop a way to easily create and distribute virtualized operating systems to remote machines.
  • Allow for versioning of the OS Images.
  • Create a way for users to persist their data and transfer it between virtualized operating systems on different machines.
  • Functionalities:

  • Quick application startup times made possible thanks to Numecent Cloudpaging technology - applications can start before most of their data has been downloaded.
  • Sandboxed application environment - programs disappear from the operating system when the agent application is turned off or otherwise unavailable.
  • Virtual Image repository with support for image versioning, custom user data storage, on-demand user data snapshots and group-based access control.
  • Cross-platform application for Virtual Image creation and downloads.
  • Bare-metal version for thin-client solutions.
  • Production Management System
    for Georg Utz


  • Old process of data exchange in manufacturing plant is not effective and in need of replacement
  • Client needs production management system connected and integrated with their current database and future WMS system
  • Production workers need to have displayed information about current Production Order for each machine
  • Foremen need to see current Bill of Materials for Production Order and have an option to order materials making request to WMS
  • Foremen need to report usage of materials
  • Quality Control needs to report product deficiency
  • Quality Control needs to schedule product control for production workers
  • Each production station needs to have manual displayed about current production order
  • System needs to be failsafe as all production will depend on data delivered by system
  • Solutions:

  • Solution is divided in three components
  • Core - runs as Windows service. Business logic of the solution. Connects all other components and manages data from client AX and WMS
  • WebUI - Administration panel accessible from clients network.
  • Industrial tablet app - WPF application for Windows tablet
  • Functionalities:

  • Core as Windows service
  • Core connection to client’s Dynamics AX database
  • Downloading Production Orders, machines and BOM data from client’s AX
  • Core connection to WMS
  • Communication with WMS: uploading materials requests
  • Communication between components by SignalR
  • Administration panel: backend - ASP.MVC, frontend - Vue.js and Semantic UI
  • Machines and production orders management
  • Materials usage reporting
  • Production Orders manuals uploading
  • Quality Control reporting and scheduling tasks
  • Administration panel for industrial tablets management and status reporting
  • Industrial tablets application in WPF
  • Industrial tablets display information for specific machines
  • Tablets assigned to machines
  • Authorization by client’s existing Active Directory structure
  • Integration testing
  • Unit testing
  • Car services startup portal
    for Motorico

    Main problems:

  • finding and choosing a car and checking its technical condition
  • searching cars by technical parameters or VIN
  • getting informations about necessary repairs and costs
  • access to partner systems offering replacement parts and car servicing
  • quick and easy access to application
  • automated comparison of cars parameters
  • management of car insurances
  • Solution:

  • consuming external APIs for insurance data
  • consuming external APIs for WIBOR data
  • consuming external APIs for VIN data
  • QR codes reader (Aztec codes)
  • storing car informations in databases
  • financial/insurance calculator for individuals and companies
  • responsive web application for mobile browsers
  • Core functionalities:

  • list of selected cars with detailed list of all parameters
  • analysis of car database and filtering by selected criteria
  • analysis of repairs costs for selected car
  • step-by-step list of tips for buyer of a new car
  • calculators for long-term rentals, loans and leasing based on WIBOR
  • promotion of partners websites and services
  • car ratings
  • user board
  • Car services startup application
    for Aurocare

    Main problems:

  • selling car products/services for clients from one city, different discount mechanisms and one management system
  • easy car services/products finder
  • customize checkout, tracking order state, order creator, order scheduler
  • interactive maps, calendars
  • login with Facebook
  • pay with credit cards and bank transfers
  • intuitive and easy to use administration dashboard for non-tech users
  • fully responsive and handy interface for shop clients
  • storing a lot of car brands and models data
  • storing sensitive data
  • Solution:

  • web store based on Sylius e-commerce platform with heavily customized shopping process and live-reloading prices according to chosen car
  • database containing two hundred thousand car models and set of services for each one of it
  • integration with polish payments operator PayU
  • integration with GoogleMaps
  • Core functionalities:

  • each car has its own set of services that user can purchase
  • each service has a different price, depending on car that user chooses
  • besides standard information in account panel like address details and order history, user can also add his car data (i.e. brand, model, VIN number) for later use around the platform
  • interactive order preview module, that shows exact step of order realization
  • interactive custom calendars that allow choice of prefered start and end date of services realization
  • custom scheduling module for shop administrators to create and manage order realization steps
  • custom order creation module that allows shop administrators create custom order for shop user
  • Boxoffstore
    for Techland
    For a few years, we’ve been developing an online store for leading Polish PC games distributor and manufacturer. Our duties: IT development and product management. We also offer ongoing support and advice on technological issues.


  • selling computer games for clients from different countries in different currencies with translatable content and descriptions, different discount mechanisms and one management system
  • distribution of Steam codes
  • customized coupon system
  • own search engine
  • intuitive and easy to use administration dashboard for non-tech users
  • responsive and handy interface for clients
  • handling thousand of users and queries
  • storing sensitive data
  • Solutions:

  • custom web application composed of two parts:
  • online store with product info cards, coupons redeem form, search form, cart, authentication and user profiles
  • dashboard with CRUD
  • Functionalities:

  • CRUD content management system for products, categories, genres, series and clients
  • e-commerce system with product scope depending on client’s location, multi-currency prices, advanced promotions and discounts, coupons and promotional codes, reports
  • cart functionality
  • distributed databases and cache servers
  • full internationalization and localization
  • Education sector software
    under NDA


  • Incomplete or partially incorrect project documentation
  • Support for relatively old Integrated Development Environment
  • Huge, non-standardized codebase
  • Lacking export data
  • Solutions:

  • Extension of existing UI and codebase
  • SQL query optimization
  • Producing dummy data for testing purposes
  • Functionalities:

  • Data mapping module
  • Mapping schema persistence
  • Customizable data export module
  • Web services module
  • Customizable filters
  • Windows Update Manager
    under NDA
    Due to the release of a new Microsoft Windows 10 version (Anniversary Update) our client’s existing solution was no longer functioning properly. Our job was to create a software that would give the company control over its employees machines in order to remotely postpone selected OS updates. Initially it was designed as a temporary solution that might give our client more time to deal with the problem, but then evolved into more complex workspace management software. The system consists of two separate parts: the client application working with the MS’s OS and the web server used to manage the configuration and to collect statistics.


  • Multiple ways in which Windows can install updates
  • Still changing environment (with each version a new way of installing updates has been discovered)
  • Very time sensitive (when installed, the update would prevent the user from using his/her corporate software)
  • Slow software update cycle used within the organization
  • Solutions:

  • Desktop application that hooks itself into Windows Update process, manages its state and controls the flow of installing new updates
  • Enabling Windows Update mechanism only when our app is control of it
  • Managing white and black list of updates on the server side of the app
  • Collecting data about user machines and sending them to the server
  • Functionalities:

  • Desktop WPF application that presents basic information about its and system status
  • Hooking into Windows Update process
  • Web application with administrative tools for managing white and black lists of updates by simple filter-based mechanism
  • Automatic updates performed without user interaction
  • Creating reports regarding applied updates, installed applications and machine state for every connected user
  • Healthcare sector microservices
    under NDA

    Main problems:

  • Communication between core application and multiple external sources
  • Every source with different access protocol and data format
  • Sources from different countries and legal systems
  • Storing and accesing very sensitive data
  • Required need for reliability
  • Solution:

  • Laravel-based microservices/gateways
  • Vagrant-Docker development infrastructure
  • Behat behavior tests with TDD/BDD
  • RabbitMQ communication
  • ETL architecture
  • MySQL database for every microservice
  • Core functionalities:

  • custom API for receiving data for clients
  • data demanding services calling external APIs
  • sending and receiving data from core data bus
  • transforming data according to received specifications
  • API and CDN for sport application
    under NDA

    Main problems:

  • High volumes of user data synchronization from mobile app clients and external services
  • Social login
  • Health and fitness related content management
  • Storing sensitive data
  • Marketing automation
  • Solution:

  • Consuming external APIs for user data
  • OpenId authentication
  • Certificate pinning
  • System monitoring
  • Brute force attack prevention
  • Core functionalities:

  • User step challenges
  • Company wide fitness programs
  • Coach notifications
  • Rewards management through shop, charity donations and cashback program
  • Healthy lifestyle tests and suggestions
  • API for external services
  • Wrocław GO
    for ARAW


  • Creation of a website that will help Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency promote selected investment sites in Wroclaw area inside and outside of the country
  • implementing solutions to improve partner communes recognition
  • giving visitors complete information about region and its investor-related advantages
  • Solutions:

  • A Laravel web application that connects to external, provided by another company API and gets the data about investment sites in Wrocław area.
  • Several components in a website mentioned above like a map component filled with data collected from API and news/publications component that shows data parsed from XML file provided by client
  • Functionalities:

  • map component: filled by investment offers in a form of list and map markers; each marker contains basic info about offer and provides a link to details page; marker clustering to provide better user experience
  • searching: input that allows visitor to do a quick search by name or location of offer
  • filtering: several true/false fields to filter offer list including distance from highway and available infrastructure
  • offer details page: contains detailed info about investment offer (name, location, commune, construction conditions etc); allows user to print page
  • language switcher
  • fonts adjustments to improve website availability
  • Sound synthesis algorithms
    The task was to research different approaches to a real time sound synthesis and come up with an algorithm that would be able to generate unique tones based on user’s preferences. So created code was to be composed into an existing application, so it had to be compatible with it in its structure.

    After combining knowledge obtained from several scientific papers two algorithms were proposed, one of them strictly dependent on the physical behavior of objects generating sounds, and the second more abstract, mathematical model. Both of them were implemented in C++ for the highest performance and in the way so that they could be used within a JUCE application (as it was the main technology of the final product). Besides algorithms, two programs with graphical user interface were developed, so to provide a simple tool for manipulating parameters of created models and through this to easily search for new, interesting sounds that next could be presented to the end-user.